Sunday, 11 June 2017

Bonnie's Quilt

At Last!

Finally got far enough down the pile to finish quilting a couple of pieces of my own! The one in the picture is 'En Provence', designed by the amazing Bonnie Hunter as her mystery quilt for 2016. I still have to bind it, which I will do with the green backing fabric. I still can't seem to do justice to the colours in the photo, even on this sunny morning - it really is quite bright and fresh. 

Tried a slight variation on a feathered curl with this all-over quilting design in yellow thread. I have got the hang of the centre, which reminds me of 'yin and yang' when I get it just right, but I think it works better on a slightly smaller scale (as on the little quilt below).

This pretty little top was a UFO given to me by a friend who had started to piece the blocks by hand. 
 Needless to say, I finished it by machine! I had already begun quilting it several months back and had used it to experiment with my Westalee Rulers. Some of the designs worked well, but I had a problem with the rulers which pivot on a big 'drawing pin' fixed underneath the quilt whilst it is on the frame. The pin catches on the plate of the machine at a certain point and stops you from making a smooth line. Still not solved that one!

All that was needed was to do something in the border - the 'yin yangs' worked better here- and to fill in around the motifs. It was a good opportunity to practise my micro-quilting and pebbling technique. A little busy perhaps, but good fun!

Now I am working on instructions for my own mystery quilt project and will make up a sample version soon. Please leave me a comment if you would like to join in.

 Happy Quilting Everyone!


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