Friday, 4 August 2017


Mystery Quilt Revealed!

Well here it is! I have called it 'Star-Crossed Chains'.
I liked the impact of these colours - not my usual palette - although I could have chosen a stronger yellow against the white. It was fun to fill in all that white space with dense quilting.

I had even more fun with this scrappy version! I even got to use up some leftover units from Bonnie Hunter's quilt, as well as making a dent in that stash of 'twosies'.

The variety in the background gives it more depth and warmth I think.

The quilting on this one is more relaxed.

Thank you all so much for joining in and for your feedback along the way. I can now finalise the complete instructions.
Don't worry if you haven't finished yet - Take as long as you like and enjoy it. And please send me pictures of your progress.

Visit me at ENGLISHQUILTER for more details if you would like the full instructions and I will send you the PDF (for FREE until the end of August - NB: Don't try to buy it - just send me an email request via the contact page). 

If you are a member of my Facebook Group, please feel free to share pictures of your progress.

Happy Quilting Everyone!


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  1. They are both beautiful, for for me nothing beat a scrappy quilt!